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Reservation / Cancellation Policy

The following policy is adhered to with NO EXCEPTIONS:

No refunds will be given to anyone missing their departure time for any reason.

No refunds will be given for cancellations to your reservation for any reason within 48 hours of your departure time. 
No modifications can be made to your reservation within 48 hours of your departure time.
The ride is strictly limited to ages 3 and up.

All passengers must fit into a 55" lap seat belt.

The tour is not recommended for anyone with a serious medical condition, back, heart or neck problems. Pregnant women are prohibited from participating.

Everyone must wear a seat belt and remain seated during the entire ride.

There are two flights of stairs to walk down to our boat loading area.

No animals are allowed on-board the boat. We also do not have kennels.

All guests are required to sign a waiver form prior to departure.

No food or drink are allowed on the boat. (Unless you have a medical condition)  

We reserve the right to cancel any departure if we have insufficient reservations, unsafe weather conditions, etc. We will do all that we can to reschedule your trip.

If we cancel the entire ride a full refund will be provided.

Note: all rides times are eastern standard time.   

Policy Notices

Alcohol and Tobacco Policy
No smoking. No drinks or food allowed on board.

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